Nipple/Breast Stimulation and Sexual Arousal in Young Men and Women



      The role of nipple/breast stimulation in influencing sexual arousal in men and women during lovemaking has only been the subject of opinion‐based comment rather than evidence‐based study. No attempt to question people about such sexual behavior has ever been undertaken.


      The study was designed to ascertain the effects of nipple/breast manipulation in young men and women on their sexual arousal.


      A short questionnaire about nipple/breast stimulation during sexual activity was administered to 301 (148 men; 153 women) sexually experienced undergraduates (age range 17–29 years, 95% between 18 and 22).

      Main Outcome Measures

      Replies to questions in questionnaire.


      The major findings in regard to the women were that 81.5% reported that stimulation of their nipples/breasts caused or enhanced their sexual arousal, 78.2% agreed that when sexually aroused such manipulation increased their arousal, 59.1% had asked to have their nipples stimulated during lovemaking, and only 7.2% found that the manipulation decreased their arousal. In regard to the men, 51.7% reported that nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their sexual arousal, 39% agreed that when sexually aroused such manipulation increased their arousal, only 17.1% had asked to have their nipples stimulated, and only 7.5% found that such stimulation decreased their arousal.


      Manipulation of the nipples/breasts causes or enhances sexual arousal in approximately 82% of young women and 52% of young men with only 7–8% reporting that it decreased their arousal. Levin R, and Meston C. Nipple/breast stimulation and sexual arousal in young men and women. J Sex Med 2006;3:450–454.


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