Transient Acute Neurologic Sequelae of Sexual Activity: Headache and Amnesia



      Sexual activity may on occasion be complicated by neurologic syndromes of headache and amnesia. These syndromes may be alarming not only to patients but also to medical practitioners unfamiliar with them, initiating inappropriate investigations or advice.


      To review the clinical features, differential diagnosis, investigation, pathophysiology, and treatment of primary headache associated with sexual activity and of transient global amnesia precipitated by sexual activity.


      Selective literature review.


      Transient headache and amnesia associated with sexual activity are generally benign, self-limited syndromes of presumed vascular origin. The most important differential diagnosis in both instances is subarachnoid hemorrhage, but this may be readily excluded on the basis of clinical and investigational findings. Reassurance, based on clear diagnosis, is the most important treatment. Larner AJ. Transient acute neurologic sequelae of sexual activity: Headache and amnesia.


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