The Association Between Female Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Dysfunction in the Male Partner: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Published:December 08, 2020DOI:



      The field of study addressing the relationship between FSD and male sexual dysfunction (MSD) represents a pivotal worldwide health issue as interrelationship between FSD and MSD studies are still inconclusive.


      To review the interrelationship between FSD and MSD and to conclude whether there is a definitive risk of men developing sexual dysfunction when his partner is suffering from FSD.


      The investigation was conducted following the standard practice for conducting and reporting the findings of systematic reviews and meta-analyses comprising of 4 electronic databases, that is, Embase, PsycInfo, Cochrane Library and Ovid (Medline) from inception to December 2019. Search strategies were developed based on relevant keywords with appropriate truncation and Boolean operators’ approach. The quality of studies was employed using the McMaster Critical Review Form for Quantitative Studies and were assessed by independent reviewers. The levels of evidence of the included studies were also determined.


      MSD who had been exposed to FSD.


      From more than 8,000 studies searched, 26 studies were finally included, and most included studies have reasonable quality. Meta-analysis found a significant sexual dysfunction in men who are partnered with women with FSD. It found a consistent correlation between FDS and sexual dysfunction in men with a significant 3-fold increase in MSD who are partnered with women with FSD (odds ratio = 3.011, 95% confidence interval: 1.856–4.885, P = <.001, I² = 42.26%). Among subtypes of MSD, likelihood increased 4-fold for erectile dysfunction and that of premature ejaculation doubled. The data for several other domains on their components were mixed.

      Clinical Translation

      These findings support the notion that clinicians should evaluate sexual function pertaining to both partners and encompassing several dimensions and needing an interdisciplinary approach.

      Strength & Limitations

      This review exhaustively examines data search from vast electronic databases and as the comparison of studies is extracted from English journal publications, not all regions worldwide are represented.


      This meta-analysis and systematic review found an association between sexual dysfunction in men partnered with women with FSD, especially in the domains of erectile and ejaculatory function.
      Chew PY, Choy CL, Sidi Hb, et al. The Association Between Female Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Dysfunction in the Male Partner: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. J Sex Med 2021;18:99–112.

      Key Words

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